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The Eu Capital Way

Our investment style is Unconstrained Global Macro, which means our investment universe is not limited by a geography, sector or asset class. The world is our – and your – oyster.

These are the Qualities to Look Out for in an Asset Manager

Asset managers are advisors who have the aptitude, resources and experience to make investment decisions that suit the personal financial goals of their clients. Finding the right asset manager is like a king searching for his general. It makes all the difference.

Modern Portfolio Theory in Modern Times

It is common practice, but Modern Portfolio Theory has not worked out well for most investors. Why? For starters, it assumes that markets are efficient. But markets are often irrational and mis-priced.




在私人银行的顾问投资组合中,现金往往不被看好。客户关系经理通常不鼓励客户在他们的账户中保留现金。 然而,随着过去几周全球金融市场的动荡,我们的投资者开始重视投资组合中现金的价值,尤其是美元现金。