Terms and Conditions

Limited Power of Attorney

Eu Capital is issued a limited power of attorney to our client’s accounts at a bank/broker. We are then authorised to give trading instructions to the bank/broker for investment purposes only. Any further instructions to remit monies out or into the accounts will still have to come from the client. This LPOA can be revoked anytime, giving full control back to the client.

Bank Account / Brokerage Account

We work with several preferred global private banks and brokerage houses from which clients have the freedom to choose. We will assist the client to open their chosen bank/brokerage accounts who will customise their assets and provide the transaction platform.

Advisory Management Agreement / Discretionary Management Agreement

The client will enter an agreement with Eu Capital which dictates how we help to manage the clients' accounts. With an advisory management agreement, we are only allowed to place trading instructions with written or telephone instructions. With a discretionary management agreement, there will be constant communication on the performance of the portfolio together with monthly reporting via the banks'/brokers' monthly statements.