Advisory Portfolio Management

Our team of managers will advise, but you have the final say. Advisory management allows private individuals to consult with investment professionals before making changes to their portfolios.

You assign us, your managers, a Limited Power of Attorney. The banks continue to custodise your assets and provide the platform for trading and transaction. You may choose to assign us as the single point of contact, and we help liaise with all the banks that hold your assets. The investment decision will ultimately be made by you.

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Other Services

Newly launched in 2018, our flagship mutual fund is incorporated in Singapore as a private unit trust. The Fund invests in equities, bonds, fixed income instruments, exchange-traded funds and other investments.

By choosing Eu Capital to manage your long-term investment objectives, you tap into our team’s expertise to jointly design, protect, and grow your portfolio with individualised solutions.

For families with investable assets who wish to protect, grow and transfer wealth across generations, a family office is set up to handle investment and wealth management.